How to sign up with a utility provider

How to sign up with a utility provider
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In this article, you will find all the information you need to either sign up with a utility provider in Austria or switch a utility provider in order to lower monthly expenses. In Austria, there is a liberalized energy market consumers benefit from. This means that you can freely chose your supplier. However, there's a local monopoly for the management of the power grid. The costs associated with managing the power grid can not be influenced and make up around 3/5 of the utility bill. Still, by chosing a cheaper utility provider, consumers can save several hundret Euros a year.

Signing up with a utility provider

Let's assume you're moving to a new apartment. Of course you know that everything needs to get from one place to another and you most certainly expect the electricity to work upon your arrival. To make sure, you will have electricity to run all your gadgets, you need to sing up with a utility provider. In order to sign up for a utility provider you need to know a few things in advance in order to make the process as smooth as possible. You should know your new address and the ID of the electric meter (Zählernummer). Finding the electric meter can be tricky at times. In case you can not find it ask your landlord or neighbour. Additionally, you will have to find out the 33 digits reporting point number (Zählpunktbezeichnung) associated with your apartment. To obtain the 33 digits number, you need to call your local network operator. Alternatively, you can ask the former resident of the apartment - he or she will have the number noted on the annual bill.

Information you need to provide at a glance:


Every electricity meter carries an ID which you can find on the device itself

  • Your exact address (incl. door, floor, street, zip, city)
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The number of your electricity meter and its precise reading
  • Your bank data (IBAN and BIC)

As soon as you have gathered all the information necessary to sign up with a utility provider, you can chose a provider that suits you. There is a wide range of offers available ranging from cheaper alternative providers to green energy solutions. Having found a provider you just register online or via telephone, click on the confirmation link you will receive after providing your contact and bank details and you are ready to go. Signing up early enough will prevent the network operator of switching off the energy in your apartment.

We find a cheaper utility provider and sign you up - for free. Just call
0720 1166 39 (Mo-Fr 8.00 - 19.00) or let us call you back. Also, we will gladly switch the utility provider for you - all our services are for free!

Switching providers

In case you are looking for a less costly utility provider you will need the same information as in the signing up process when moving in. However, time is on your side. You can easily compare offers and find the right one for you. Still, make sure to notice how much the price of a certain offer is without all the reductions some providers offer in the first year of signing the contract. Also, make sure whether you are committing to your new provider for a certain amount of time (in general, it is 12 months).

What to keep in mind when chosing a utility provider?

There is a broad range of offers out there, you just need to find one that suits you best. In most cases, price is the determining factor in choosing a provider. However, keep in mind that most offer either a price that is guaranteed for a certain period of time and so called float prices. Float prices change on a monthly bases and adjust to the market price of electricity and gas. While these prices are usually lower, they come with a certain risk that the markets could fluctuate making the cost of energy more expensive at some point. Additionally, a majority of alternative offers oblige you to commit to the contract for at least 12 months. This means you can not switch your energy supplier unless you are moving out of your apartment

Moving out Moving out is always a reason to cancel your contract.

Also, you can chose an energy utility provider with certified green energy or pricing models that allow for an hourly adjustment of prices if you use a smart meter to fully benefit from a better timing of your energy consumption.

This is a selection of alternative utility provider in Austria
  Verbund Schlaustrom aWATTar AAE Naturstrom Stromdiskont
100% renewable energy yes yes yes certified energy coming from environment friendly sources guarantees ecologically produced energy from Austria
comparison with standard rate Optima of standard utility provider in Vienna, Wien Energie -20% -10 -48% +5,17% -7,63%

Prices: December 2016. Prices compare price per kWh, include 20% VAT, no further taxes included in the price. Prices reflect prices without temporary reductions and special offers.

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